This Trump-aligned anti-trafficking group relies on a psychic to locate  'kidnapped' children

An anti-human trafficking group with ties to former President Donald Trump tries to track down purportedly kidnapped children across the world using the powers of a self-proclaimed psychic.

In an interview on the Daily Beast's latest "Fever Dreams" podcast, Vice News reporter Anna Merlan said that Operation Underground Railroad, whose founder Tim Ballard was appointed to a Trump administration anti-trafficking panel, had relied on a psychic's tip before conducting a failed raid in Haiti.

"They have defended the use of psychics and made it sound like something that law enforcement does all the time, which they might do, but that doesn't make it a good idea," Merlan explained.

Merlan also noted that Ballard has succeeded in making his operation appear more legitimate than it is by scoring endorsements from celebrities such as baseball player Bryce Harper, conservative talk-show host Glen Beck, and "Passion of the Christ" star Jim Caviezel, who has been spouting QAnon-style conspiracy theories about children being harvested for their adrenochrome.

"Jim Caviezel immediately started talking about the adrenochroming of children and stated outright that children were being tortured and murdered for their adrenochrome by elites or other evildoers," Merlan said. "[He] also sort of indicated that Ballard had been on the one who told him about these things."