Oregon man having 'homicidal thoughts' stockpiled guns and planned 'potentially catastrophic' shooting: cops
Weapons stockpile (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Daily Beast reported Thursday that a high school janitor in Oregon was stockpiling weapons for a mass shooting when he finally turned himself into police, claiming he was having "homicidal thoughts."

"We are relieved a potentially catastrophic event was prevented," a police spokesman explained.

Twenty-four-year-old Kristopher Clay told Medford police he'd used "various channels" to buy the gear because he was deemed mentally ill and couldn't possess any of the weapons, reported local KRDV.

After a search warrant, police said they found guns, ammunition, tactical gear, and "written" things that made it clear he was taking steps to create a "mass casualty event."

"Clay is charged with attempted murder, first-degree attempted assault, attempted unlawful use of a weapon, tampering with evidence, and felony disorderly conduct," said the report.

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