Charges could be filed against Oxford school officials in the wake of mass shooting: Michigan attorney general

In the wake of the shooting at Detroit's Oxford High School that left four students dead and seven others wounded, people are calling for an investigation into how school officials overlooked warning signs that 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley was going to carry out the mass shooting.

"Our community and our families deserve a full, transparent accounting of what occurred," Oxford School District Superintendent Tim Throne told community members, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that her office reached out to the school district to offer to conduct an independent investigation.

"We have reached out to the attorney for the Oxford Community School District and have offered the services of the Michigan Departmemt [sic] of Attorney General to conduct a full and comprehensive review of the 11/30/21 shooting and the events leading up to it," Nessel wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

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Speaking to NewsNationNow, Nessel said charges against school officials are possible.

"As soon as I saw they were seeking a third party to do an alleged independent review, I immediately contacted their attorney to say the department of attorney general here in Michigan will conduct that review. And why that is so important is really a variety of issues" Nessel said. "Firstly, as you have identified, is it really an independent review when it's the district that has paid your bill and is hiring you in order to conduct the review."

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald hinted that charges could be filed against school officials.

"In this case, a lot could have been done different. I mean at that meeting he was allowed to go back to school," McDonald said during an interview with ABC's Good Morning America. "We know that he either had that weapon with him or someplace where he could have stored it in the school," she said. "But he had it in the school, there's no question. And leaving the decision to parents about whether he goes home or not."

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