Palm Beach County readies for a fight with Ron DeSantis over governor's anti-mask order
Ron DeSantis holds coronavirus briefing (Bay News 9/screen grab)

Pam Beach County has a message for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL): We make the mask rules. Not you.

BocaNewsNow reported Tuesday that the county Board of Commissioners has their own rules lined up for Palm Beach and that includes requirements for President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club and his family who recently moved to the area.

During the board meeting Tuesday, officials announced that the mask mandate will continue despite what DeSantis has said.

"Until further notice, it is the County's policy that individuals must wear a facial covering or mask and social distance from other individuals while indoors on County property. County property includes all County-owned and County-leased buildings where Palm Beach County's offices, divisions, departments or Constitutional Offices conduct business. Law enforcement is authorized to escort and take appropriate action against individuals refusing to comply with this policy," the statement read.

It's unclear if there will be a legal battle between the county and DeSantis but it's already become a battle in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) lifted the state's mask mandate. Cities like Austin decided that they would continue to have mask mandates in their own areas. The legal battle hasn't yet been decided, but it could start court arguments between state and municipal mandates that could change the way local government works.

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