Principal appears to spew racist threats in disturbing video — but it never actually happened

Three high school students in the New York City area posted videos to TikTok that appeared to show a local middle school principal and a member of law enforcement making racist comments about Black students, Vice News reported.

The videos, however, were deepfakes created by the Carmel High School students. One deepfake shows the principal John Piscitella of George Fischer Middle School calling Black students “monkeys” and saying they should be sent back to Africa.

“I hope these n*****s get shot because they just don’t learn,” the video states. “I am bringing my machine gun to school. I’m going to Ronnie McNutt this b*tch and all those n****s.”

“I'll hang you like the KKK. The KKK legacy will return," another video states.

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From Vice News: "The videos, which were originally posted by the students from Carmel High School last month, were taken down and the school authorities condemned the 'blatant racism.' However, most of the parents never saw the full videos before they were deleted and most were completely unaware of the specific and racist threats made against Black students. Some parents in recent days have publicly condemned the school authorities’ lack of actions, claiming that these videos are part of a wider problem of racist behavior in the district’s schools, and that law enforcement has failed to take the threats made in the videos seriously enough. Now, parents are angry at the high school’s failure to take the threats seriously, plan to file a lawsuit against the school authorities."

Attorney Arthur Schwartz, who is representing the parents, told Vice News that the "whole school system did not give proper notice to the parents, in fact they gave no notice to the parents that there was a terrorist threat to the school."

“They didn't act properly, like most schools would do,” Schwartz said. “When a threat is made like that, the first thing that they should be doing is closing the school, informing all the parents about the nature of the threat, adding extra security, and making sure that law enforcement has addressed the threat.”

“If you let stuff like that go without addressing it as a crime then it just encourages others to post stuff like that online,” Schwartz told VICE News.