If Democrats don't pass voting rights they'll lose in 2022 and Biden will be impeached: Prof. Jason Johnson

Dr. Jason Johnson, professor at Morgan State University, dropped a truth-bomb on Democrats during his appearance with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday. According to him, there is no other bill than voting rights, because, without it, the GOP voter suppression laws will ensure Democrats lose.

While the panel debated the importance of the voting rights bill and whether Democrats will fight for it, Johnson explained that it's the only issue that Democrats should focus on.

"These changes are the main legislative issue," Bulwark columnist Tim Miller explained. "It's what the Koch Brothers and others are pushing in a lot of these state legislatures. Something has to be done. Here's my issue from a strategic standpoint, though. The best thing that the Democrats can do to guarantee the next election isn't stolen, is to do well in 2022."

He went on to argue that Democrats should push something popular that everyone can get behind and that they'd win in 2022 as a result of that. But Johnson, shaking his head, disagreed.

"Tim! Everybody already knows what the Republicans are!" said Johnson. "They literally led a march to the Capitol, and not the Civil Rights kind, like, a couple of months ago. Everybody knows what the Republican Party is there's nothing in exposing them anymore. And quite frankly, if they don't make this the number one priority you can't wait until the 2022 elections. Because if these laws stay on the books in 2022, Democrats will lose the House and the Senate and they will impeach Joe Biden in February of 2023. I promise you! That's what the Republicans will do!"

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Without voting rights Joe Biden is going to get impeached www.youtube.com