Right-wing pastor rants God will ensure Trump serves 12 years as president
Photo: Screen capture

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn has a new theory that President Donald Trump losing in 2020 was all part of God's plan to set him up to be president for 3 more terms.

Speaking to his followers, Vaughn cited "Prophet of God" Kim Clement, who he says has become a recipient of God's prophesies about Donald Trump. Clement was also the man, who in 2007, predicted Trump would become president, which drives legitimacy for his prophecies among Trump followers.

Clement predicted that "they would cry impeach twice and both times it would come to nothing," said Vaughn. "That same minister said that the president would serve two terms. He never said consecutively. That was read into his prophecy, but he didn't say it. He said two terms. So, it's quite possible now that Mr. Trump will serve 12 years as the leader of this nation. Because, even though he's not in the White House, he's in their head, in the White House. Night and day."

Vaughn is the pastor who posted a seven-minute video saying that if Trump doesn't concede then the election can be decided by the House of Representatives, citing the 12th Amendment to the Constitution. As USA Today said in a fact-check of the video, there are "steps needed in order for the election to go to the House."

See the video below: