Pat Robertson is panicked over people learning about systemic racism — and historian thinks he knows why

Televangelist Pat Robertson may not understand what critical race theory is, but that did not stop him from lashing out at it as "a monstrous evil" while using slavery imagery.

Robertson clearly showed he does not understand critical race theory during his monologue, but historian Kevin Kruse added context which may shed light on why Robertson is opposed to the study of systemic racism in America.

"Pat's father, Sen. A. Willis Robertson (D-VA), signed the Southern Manifesto, which urged southern legislatures to ignore [Brown v. Board of Education] and maintain segregated institutions. It's no shock Pat doesn't want us to think too hard about how officials used state power to entrench racism," Kruse wrote.

"The Southern Manifesto warned that Brown v. Board would bring about the same kind of chaos Pat Robertson warns CRT is bringing. In reality, it was the Manifesto that helped launch 'massive resistance' in the white South, which in turn gave cover for violent white extremists," he noted.