Arizona's fake election audit accomplished one feat: Shutting up Paul Gosar
Gage Skidmore.

Insurrectionist Rep. Paul Gosar has been railing about imaginary voter fraud as long as anyone -- since long before Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. So, it was notable to hear what he had to say Friday after being seen taking notes at the report on Arizona's fake election audit.

He said nothing. There was not a peep about the election audit in his home state of Arizona, not even after he was seen posing and present at the report session Friday.

Gosar' Twitter account is still working. He found time since the audit was released to tweet Saturday that nuclear power "is cleanest energy available and the way of the future." But no mention of the audit.

It's not as if Gosar doesn't use Twitter to advance his conspiracy theories. Just the day before the audit he menacingly tweeted just one word: "Tomorrow." Attached was a graphic with these words inscribed next to his face:

"Leftists have been triggered into insane levels of dishonesty and have worked themselves into a froth just to stop this audit (in Arizona). Only people with something to hide would oppose a truth finding mission."

Unfortunately for Gosar, the Arizona election "audit" didn't find any truth he wanted to hear. Especially not that President Joe Biden might have won Arizona by more than officially tallied. So, the cat got his tongue.

On September 11, just 13 days before the audit results were released, Gosar had this to say about what he expected the audit to find.

"If it's what I've been told, and I had people come to me in the early hours of the day after (the election) from the Security Exchange Fraud Department to the CIA Fraud Department that between 450,000 and 700,000 votes Arizona were altered in the state of Arizona."

After mumbling unintelligibly about Dominion Voting Systems, Gosar then stated, "If this audit comes out the way it is, I have to tell you, we have to charge people. Supervisors have to be charged. The governor knew exactly what I told you and he still certified it. On January 6, people did not listen to what I said. What I asked for is a 10-day window to actually do a forensic hand count of the ballots. It could have been avoided."

Video of Gosar saying all that was tweeted Friday by the Republican Accountability Project.

Gosar has been perhaps the most loyal Trump acolyte in Congress when it comes to having tried to help him inoculate himself from losing. In June 2020, Gosar tweeted a Trump video decrying mail-in voting. "I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting," Trump said in the video.

"Be wary of efforts to steal and corrupt our electoral process through 'ballot harvesting' and other avenues to voter fraud," Gosar wrote on Twitter. "Voting by mail is a dangerous and slippery slope!"

At the time, it was reported that Gosar conveniently ignored that he had been skiing on that slope. "(Gosar) has voted by mail at least eight times dating back to 2012, according to voting records provided to Arizona Mirror by the Yavapai County Recorder's Office."

And it was just one day after Trump's election defeat that Gosar became a pioneer in peddling the Big Lie. Speaking to an angry crowd in Phoenix on November 4, Gosar said this:

"We're not going to let this election be stolen. Period."

Well, thanks to the fake election audit in Arizona, we can all rest assured that at least in Gosar's native Arizona, it wasn't stolen. You'd think he'd be bragging about that today.