Insurrectionist argues creative spelling means his slur of Pelosi was actually just slang: report
Screen cap / CNN

A man who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and posed for a photo showing him resting his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk is arguing in court that he called the House Majority Leader a "biatch," and not the more profane term, "b*tch," the New York Post reports.

According to the lawyer for 60-year-old Richard Barnett, prosecutors are trying to paint him in the "worst possible light" in an effort to deny him bail and are misquoting a note he left for Pelosi.

"Hey Nancy Bigo was here Biatd," reads the full message, with Barnett using his nickname, Bigo.

"Instead of writing the accusatory 'You b*tch' as the government falsely states, it only says 'biatd' and without the word 'you,'" defense attorney Joseph McBride explained in a footnote. "On information and belief, the 'd' was meant to be two letters, 'c' and 'h' with the 'c' connected to an 'h' to spell the word 'b*atch' which is slang and a less offensive word for 'b*tch.'"

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