Pence's hesitancy on election overthrow attempt shows Trump's power is in its 'death throes': biographer
Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

On CNN Friday, Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio broke down the significance of outgoing Vice President Mike Pence distancing himself from the president's push to overturn the election.

"Vice President Mike Pence is pushing back against a last-ditch effort to get Republicans to overturn the victory," said anchor John Avlon. "Michael, Pence so eager to please Donald Trump, but how does he navigate his role Wednesday?"

"You know, now that the Trump administration is in its death throes, we're seeing that Pence and the president are actually closer than we might imagine when it comes to their character," said D'Antonio. "Both men are profoundly interested in their images. They're both profoundly interested in power and not much interested in running the government, as we can see with their handling of the pandemic."

"So, now Pence is facing this choice of, how do I serve Donald Trump, because I'm not really much interested in serves the country, but get out of the this mission alive?" said D'Antonio. "He doesn't want to so alienate the country that he can't run for president. I imagine what he's going to do is make a notice about serious irregularities, which we all not is not true, in the counting of the votes in various states, and then he will preside in the way he's supposed to. He does know what he's supposed to do. Unlike Donald Trump, Pence knows what is expected of him and how the government works."

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