Pence testifying to MAGA riot committee would mean he is 'done with presidential ambitions': CNN's Dana Bash
Mike Pence (CNN)

In a CNN panel on Tuesday, correspondent Dana Bash said that if former Vice President Mike Pence testifies to the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection, his hopes of running for president will be effectively over.

"There was a rift on January 6th between Trump and his people and Mike Pence and his people ... we know Mike Pence's people are cooperating," said former federal prosecutor Elie Honig. "They have information about what he was doing. He would be a crucial witness if he cooperates. I think the likely outcome here is they negotiate some sort of agreement where he tells them, he answers some of their questions, but he will draw lines, areas he's not willing to go into."

"Can I just make one point on that?" said Bash. "These top aides to the former vice president, they're already cooperating. That is far different from Mike Pence actually talking to this committee. He's already in deep political trouble with the Trump base because he deigned to actually follow the Constitution and do his duty on January 6th of last year. If he makes the decision to agree to talk to this committee, then he is making the decision that at 60, 61, he's probably in the short-term done with his patrol presidential ambitions."

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"It will be very, very hard for him in this current Republican environment to overcome that on a political level, but he might be calculating, you know what, that ship has sailed, and it sailed on January 6th because I made the decision to certify the electoral results," added Bash.

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Dana Bash says Pence testifying about MAGA riot would end his presidential