Pentagon says Biden lied about not being briefed on Russia hack — but they won’t say who did it or when
Photo: AFP

The Pentagon says that President-elect Joe Biden lied when he claimed that the Pentagon hadn't briefed his team about the recent hack on U.S. agencies by Russia.

Reporters asked Biden about the Russia hack, and the president-elect revealed he hasn't heard anything from the Pentagon on the topic.

"The Defense Department won't even brief us on many things," Biden said in a press conference Tuesday. "So, I know of nothing that suggests it's under control."

In a statement given to, the Pentagon called Biden's claim "patently false." The quote from the Pentagon official, however, wasn't attributed to anyone. Neither the Pentagon press secretary, communications director or member of the Trump transition team was the source of the quote. The Pentagon simply left it attributed to a random official. There was no information about when such a briefing was held or who conducted the briefing.

"As the President-elect noted yesterday, the Department of Defense has continued to refuse to meet with our Agency Review Team members," said Biden transition spokesperson Ned Price. "There has been no substantial progress since transition officials spoke to the intransigence of the Department's political leadership late last week. As we said then, no Department is more pivotal to our national security than the Department of Defense, and an unwillingness to work together could have consequences well beyond January 20."

The unnamed Pentagon official said that they have held 163 interviews and 181 requests for information, which they say "exceeded what the Biden-Harris team originally requested. They didn't clarify if those briefings included anything about the Russia hack, however.

The briefings also stopped for two weeks, despite the teams not agreeing on a holiday break timeline. Given the substantial delay the Biden-Harris transition had to face due to the president's anger over losing the election, the team is likely trying to catchup with as much information as possible to allow for a seamless transition.

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