'You weren't there at the start!': Truckers fight amongst themselves over who's more dedicated to the 'People's Convoy'

Emotions are running at at the Trucker Camp outside Washington, DC.

New video shows a loud argument over the purity of those who have clogged roads to protest government.

The video appears to document two men arguing, one of whom is recording video and the other, a bearded man in a ball cap, is the focus of the video.

"You've been invested in it for a month and —" the bearded man said.

"I've been invested in it longer than you," the apparent cameraman argued.

"Oh, cool," the bearded man replied. "You've been invested in it longer than the start."

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"You weren't here at the start," the cameraman claimed. "This didn't start here in Hagerstown, it started in California."

"That's where I'm from you f*cking moron," the bearded man shouted as he claimed to have documented the convoy since California.

"Are you a sanctioned streamer?" the cameraman asked.

"No, because you guys are f*cking bullsh*t," the bearded man said.

The video ended with an allegation of racism.