Former Alabama lawmaker blames sexual abuse arrest on support for Donald Trump
Trump speaking at the Iowa Republican Party's 2015 Lincoln Dinner. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

A former Alabama state representative believes that he was arrested for sexual abuse because he supported former President Donald Trump. reported that Perry Hooper Jr. (R) filed a lawsuit against Montgomery’s police chief and the city of Montgomery following his arrest for alleged sexual abuse of a hostess in 2022.

The charges were eventually dropped after Hooper issued an apology to the victim.

The former lawmaker's lawsuit claims that the arrest was improper. He has demanded that police turn over the surveillance video used to charge him, and he has called the allegations "laughable."

“The Plaintiff and his family have suffered emotionally and financially,” the lawsuit asserts. “The only way for the Plaintiff to save his reputation is to view said file and expose what was an obvious political set-up by the Plaintiff’s political enemies.”

Hooper linked the arrest to his association with Trump.

“Based on information independently obtained, these enemies were working in a company to destroy the plaintiff for his published letters and support as Alabama Coordinator for President Donald Trump,” the lawsuit adds.

In charging documents last August, police said the "suspect grabbed the victim’s breasts and waist while shoving his pelvis against the victim’s backside."

The alleged victim, Elizabeth Daly, later issued a statement through her lawyer.

“I have asked that any charges against Perry Hopper be dismissed," the statement said. "The matters relating to Mr. Hooper and me have been resolved and going through the turmoil of a trial would provide no more justice than getting a sincere public apology from Mr. Hooper. I so respect and appreciate law enforcement and the job they have to perform, nevertheless, I request these charges be dismissed.”

Hooper's lawsuit seeks recognition that the city violated his due process rights and open records laws.