Peter Navarro: Joe Biden's executive orders are a 'deep state coup' by Bill Barr
Fox News/screen grab

Peter Navarro, a former White House economic adviser under President Donald Trump, on Sunday suggested that former Attorney General Bill Barr took part in a "deep state coup" to help President Joe Biden.

During a segment with Navarro on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo implied that there is something nefarious about the speed in which Biden signed executive orders after taking office.

"How were 17 of these executive orders ready to go and waiting for President Biden to sign minutes after inauguration?" Bartiromo wondered.

For his part, Navarro blamed Trump's former attorney general for Biden's initial executive orders.

"Here's the news behind the news," Navarro said. "Bill Barr, President Trump's attorney general, actually turns out to be also Joe Biden's first attorney general."

According to Navarro, Barr's Justice Department put up "hurdles" to slow walk 30 executive orders that the Trump administration wanted to put into place before leaving office.

"Bill Barr's office of legal counsel was fast-tracking all of these Biden EOs and basically it was a deep state coup," he opined.

Navarro singled out one of Biden's executive orders involving China, which he called "an abomination."

Watch the video below from Fox News.