Former CIA officer shreds 'reprehensible' congressmen who took an 'Instagram trip' to Kabul
Phil Mudd (Photo: screen capture)

On CNN Wednesday, former CIA officer Phil Mudd blasted Reps. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI) for their trip to Kabul, which ended with them leaving on a military flight intended to evacuate Americans and Afghan refugees threatened by the Taliban.

"I do want to get your take on something else we learned overnight, which is two members of Congress, Seth Moulton and Peter Meijer, made this unannounced trip to Afghanistan to assess the situation on the ground," said anchor John Berman. "They're two veterans who would say they wanted to go on a fact-finding mission. It's been sharply criticized by people in the administration, everything from unhelpful to basically outrageous. I wonder what your view of it is."

"Reprehensible," said Mudd. "Look, the president of the United States, who is responsible first and foremost for American national security, said the situation is so dangerous that the U.S. military can't stay on, that we have to withdraw U.S. military. So two members of Congress, without the support of their leadership, decide they're going to bypass Disneyland and take an Instagram trip to Afghanistan because they want some eye candy for a bunch of constituents. If I were Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy, I would see this a chance for bipartisanship. Both those guys on their committees, out, done."

"And by the way, ask them for the two seats they took out, for all their concerns about refugees, what happens to the two refugees who didn't get those seats?" added Mudd. "What do you tell them? Last thing I'd say, evidently, from what I've read, whatever brilliant insight they got, the slow start meant we could get fewer people out than we would have gotten out if we started fast. John, I can do oversight from Memphis and give you that. Reprehensible. They ought to go from their committees."

Watch below:

Phil Mudd scorches Seth Moulton and Peter Meijer for unauthorized trip to Afghanistan