Philly cop on administrative leave after video shows him calling a Black man 'boy'

A Philadelphia police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a viral video showed him harassing a Black man and referring to him as "boy."

Philadelphia Patch reports that the unidentified police officer was suspended last week after a video posted on YouTube showed him accusing a Black man of following him around and of not being from the neighborhood where their confrontation was taking place.

"Shut your mouth, boy, you don't live down here!" the officer said at one point.

Elsewhere in the video, the officer referred to the man as "homey."

At the end of the video, the officer arrests the Black man on charges of disorderly conduct and possessing a small amount of marijuana.

The Philadelphia Police Department acknowledged the officer's actions caused "anger and disappointment" within the community, and it said the officer would be on administrative leave until the department's investigation of the incident is finished.

Watch the video below.

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