Piers Morgan: Trump is still 'going completely crackers' over interview clash
Fox News/screen grab

British television presenter Piers Morgan revealed on Monday that former President Donald Trump is still "going completely crackers" over an interview the pair did last month.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Morgan said that his interview with the former president received 64 million views. Trump has accused Morgan of deceptively editing promotional videos for the broadcast.

"You've got a great interview when the former president of the United States issues not one, not two, but three statements so far about the interview," Morgan crowed. "All of them with conflicting reports from his mind about how he thinks it went. On the one hand, he thought it was tedious. On the other hand, he thought it was brilliant. He thought the ratings were fantastic, but I'm finished and over the hill."

"At a rally last night in Nebraska, he announced that I'm officially crazy," he added. "What I would say to him if he's watching. I know he loves watching Fox & Friends. President Trump, it was a fantastic interview. Everyone I know who watched it actually thought you came out of it really well. So why are you going completely crackers about a 30-second promo."

"I simply used the promo to sell the interview to get everybody to watch," Morgan concluded. "And it worked!"

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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