Capitol rioter pleads guilty to one misdemeanor charge and $500 fine — feds drop the rest
Robert Maurice Reeder and Capitol attacks (Photos: FBI indictment and Screen capture)

Robert Maurice Reeder of Maryland pleaded guilty today to one count of "parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building" -- a misdemeanor. He agreed to pay $500 restitution for damages to the building.

Reeder's sentencing was set for August 18. The plea deal leaves terms of that sentencing in the hands of a judge, but the agreement appears similar to the one offered to Anna Morgan-Lloyd, who became the first person sentenced today -- and who avoided jail time. Morgan-Lloyd received a sentence of 40 hours of community service, three years of probation and $500 restitution.

In Reeder's case, the Department of Justice is agreeing to the following:

"In consideration of your client's guilty plea to the above offense, your client will not be further prosecuted criminally by this Office for the conduct set forth in the attached Statement of Offense. The Government will request that the Court dismiss the remaining counts of the Information in this case at the time of sentencing. Your client agrees and acknowledges that the charges to be dismissed at the time of sentencing were based in fact."

Charges against Reeder that are being dropped include: entering and remaining in a restricted building; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building; and violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building.

Reeder was identified through a tip from the state's attorney office in his home Harford County, MD, which had used facial-software recognition to match him to a "Be on the Lookout" (BOLO) bulletin issued by the FBI.

According to the FBI charging documents, "On January 19, Reeder, through counsel, contacted the government and provided a compilation video of photos and videos taken by Reeder on his cell phone on January 6."

The 22-minute compilation shows a projection screen of Trump speaking to the crowd, a shot of Reeder on the Capitol steps saying, "we've been getting tear gassed...thousands of people," the arrest documents state. And this:

"From inside the Capitol, Reeder takes numerous photos and videos from various rooms, hallways, and balconies (and) seemingly shouts: "Do not destroy anything!" He is also shown asking officers for water and asking for the 'quickest way out.' However, instead of leaving the Capitol grounds, Reeder seemingly returns to the Capitol building (and) seemingly chants "USA!" with the crowd as he approaches the open doors to the Capitol building.

"Reeder appears to be within and near the Capitol rotunda near confrontations with Capitol Police Officers. At approximately 17 minutes in the same compilation video, Reeder records an assault on a Capitol Police Officer. At approximately 17 minutes 28 seconds, Reeder seemingly tells the Officer: "You need to retreat!"

Toward the end of the video compilation was this:

"I'm leaving now... I got tear gassed at least four times inside the Capitol...I saw the lady they say got shot, I walked right past her in a pool of blood. And it's just...completely crazy in there." At approximately 19 minutes 59 seconds in the same video, Reeder states: "Just left the Capitol, I was one of the last people out. I was in there for over half an hour. I got gassed several times inside the Capitol, many times outside the Capitol. Got shot with pepper balls. It was fucking nuts. We had to do...ah... battle with the Police inside. It was crazy...absolutely insane."

Here are the FBI charging document and the plea agreement.