Student's menacing 'curb-stomp' video sets off racist threats at Michigan high school
Screen capture

Parents at Plymouth-Canton schools near Detroit are outraged over a video that was posted online showing one student threatening violence against Black people.

The video, which was first released in early March, recently began spreading online, according to a report from WXYZ-TV. In it, a white high school student recorded himself threatening to lynch, "curb-stomp" and kill Black students while repeatedly using the N-word.

School district Superintendent Monica Merritt addressed the video during a board meeting. In a letter to parents and students Monday night, she wrote, "We do not condone or tolerate reprehensible acts of this nature."

"I am not able to give details, there is not an active threat I will say, at our school at this moment," Merritt said Tuesday night.

A number of parents who spoke with the Detroit TV station do not appear assuaged by Merritt's words.

“I was disgusted, I was angry,” said one parent, who asked not to be named.

Another said, “It created just a pain in my heart that this is what my child, as a teenager, is experiencing at a place where she’s supposed to be learning and growing."

"It's horrible," another unnamed parent added. "It makes me feel like my daughter is not safe going to school.”

Student Andy Gusway told the school board, "I can’t even tell you in the past few days since this video has been released how many times I have been called the N-word. When we don’t have swift action after these events, this spreads even further."

"This has red flags all over it," said parent Leslie Neal. "I don’t want this type of student around my child who was so ... able to say whatever they want, about killing people who look like me."

The Canton Police Department says they are investigating the matter.