Jayland Walker
Photo provided by family

The lawyer for the family of Jayland Walker took issue with the Akron, Ohio police after the body camera videos were revealed following the shooting.

In a press conference, attorney Bobby DiCello focused on the fact that Walker was completely unarmed when a group of officers opened fire on him. He was shot at least 90 times by the group of police, the lawyer explained. DiCello also noted that at the time, police said over the radio that they heard gunfire from the car.

Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said he wasn't sure about the number of rounds fired at Walker but that the medical examiner’s report cited more than 60 wounds to the body.

What the body camera footage showed, he explained is that there were no bullet holes anywhere in the car. It was also revealed that the police took a photo of Walker's gun sitting in the front seat when the video showed that the gun was actually found in the back seat of the car.

“When an officer makes the most critical decision in his or her life as a police officer, when they fire an arm at another human being, they have to be ready to explain why they did what they did — they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing,” Mylett said. “And that goes for every round that goes down the barrel of their gun. And they need to be held to account.”

"They want to make him a masked monster with a gun," said DiCello. "Jaylen was unarmed."

A crowd of a few hundred protesters are peacefully walking to the Akron Police Department.