Lost body cam footage raises questions after officer shoots unarmed Black teen with raised hands
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A 13-year-old boy, was paralyzed after Chicago police officer, Noah Ball, opened fire on him while he had his hands up. But according to the Daily Beast, the videos the family showed them have a glaring omission: the body camera footage of the officer that shot the boy.

It shows a chase and different angles of the shooting, but the video of the officer who shot the teen doesn't begin until after the teen was shot.

"An attorney for Ball has denied the teen’s hands were raised, and suggested he mistook a cell phone for a gun," said the Beast.

The lawyer also said that his client thought he'd activated the camera, but it's unclear why the camera was then activated after the shooting and if Ball thought he was deactivating the camera at that point. Ball's lawyer initially said that he feared for his life and thought a cell phone was a gun.

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At one point in the video, a bystander who observed the incident can be heard shouting at the police, "He had his hands up!"

A fixed camera nearby captured the incident on video and it verifies the claim that the teen had his hands raised when the cop shot.

“Ball had no cover, he had no concealment—he had to make a split-second decision,” the family's attorney, Timothy Grace, said last month.

"There's so much weaselly language about how officers should you know, consider the totality of the circumstances or consider alternatives to chasing people, but there aren't enough black and white rules that officers must follow," Alexandra Block, an attorney with the ACLU of Illinois told CNN.

Read the full report at the Daily Beast.

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