Police chief fired after recording captures him spewing racial epithets: 'I shot that [N-word] 119 times'

A Mississippi police chief is out of a job after the board of aldermen voted to remove him after a recording was made public featuring him spewing racial epithets and expletives, WLBT reports.

Former Lexington Police Chief Sam Dobbins has previously denied that the recording was of him. But according to former Lexington police officer Robert Lee Hooker, who made the recording, it's of the former chief. Hooker resigned from the department last week, citing a toxic work environment.

In addition to the multiple racial epithets in the recording, Dobbins bragged about shooting a suspect at least 119 times.

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The board voted 3-2 to oust Dobbins.

The recording was first obtained by the Mississippi Center For Investigative Reporting.

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