Florida deputy police chief suspended after tip he covered up his wife's car crash while she was 'under the influence'
CBS Miami/Screengrab

On Saturday, the Miami New Times reported that two high-ranking husband and wife police officials in Miami have been suspended, following allegations of a coverup of a police cruiser crash while under the influence.

"Miami Police Department (MPD) Deputy Chief Ronald Papier and his wife, Little Havana Neighborhood Enhancement Team Cmdr. Nerly Papier, were relieved of duty earlier today, according to MPD spokesperson Kenia Fallat. Both will be paid during their suspensions," reported Joshua Ceballos. "The MPD would not say what led to the suspensions, citing an ongoing investigation, but the disciplinary action comes three weeks after an anonymous source sent an email to several city officials alleging corruption on the part of the Papiers and several other high-ranking officers."

"Earlier this month, an encrypted email sent by a 'Bill Schahwartzman' was sent to newly appointed MPD Chief Art Acevedo, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, and the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, accusing Ronald Papier of covering up a crash involving his wife," said the report. "The April 4 email, which was addressed to Suarez, alleged that Nerly Papier was driving 'under the influence of control substances' and crashed a police vehicle into a curb 'at approximately 40 miles an hour' on April 2, blowing out both tires on one side."

The email alleges that after the crash, Nerly Papier called her husband, who had the vehicle towed for repairs and falsely classified the incident as an act of "vandalism" to prevent an investigation of his wife.

Acevedo, who previously served as a police chief in Houston, Texas, has vowed to reform corruption in MPD.

Watch the CBS Miami report below:

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