Video shows white man driving away from police officer without getting killed
Twitter/screen grab

A video shared on social media shows a white man shouting slurs and driving away from a police officer who approached his vehicle.

The incident was said to have occurred in Canada on Tuesday. Video was later shared on Twitter.

As the video begins the man can be seen sitting in his vehicle with the window up. The man, who is white, flashes his middle finger as a police officer approaches.

"I'm waiting for your boss to come," the man says. "F*ck off and get in your car."

Moments later the man partially rolls down his window.

"You're a f*cking little bitch," he rants. "Give me my ticket and go f*ck yourself, you goofball f*cking faggot. F*ck you!"

At that point, the man puts the car in drive and angrily speeds away.

"F*ck off, you bitch!" he shouts. "You're a f*cking clown."

A woman in the passenger seat, who is filming the incident, notes that the officer complained about being struck by the vehicle.

"You just hit me," she says in a mocking tone.

The officer then pulls over the vehicle again.

"He's got his gun on me now!" the man exclaims.

Within seconds, the officer breaks the man's window and pulls him out of the vehicle.

"He's tripping balls!" the man yells. "Help me!"

"What are you doing?" the woman says. "He didn't do anything!"

Earlier on Tuesday, a district attorney in North Carolina said that law enforcement officers were justified in killing Andrew Brown, a Black man, after his car touched a deputy who was trying to take him into custody.

Watch the video below.