'1,000 assaults on officers': New prosecution data reveals just how violent the Jan. 6 MAGA riot was
Washington police officer shoved in Capitol door Jan. 6 (Photo: Screen capture)

Federal prosecutors said on Wednesday that a thorough review of body camera footage taken during the Capitol riots has revealed "approximately 1,000 events that may be characterized as assaults on federal officers."

According to Politico, the tally of assaults came after a review of "more than 2,900 police body-camera videos totaling more than 2,300 hours."

Additionally, writes Politico, "prosecutors also revealed in the filing that they were in the process of uploading 7,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage to their evidence-collection systems and had determined another 7,000 hours of footage to be irrelevant to the case."

The numbers were revealed in a filing related to the case of Couy Griffin, the founder of "Cowboys for Trump" who has tried unsuccessfully to convince courts that he is a political prisoner being persecuted for his political beliefs.