One-year-old baby shot in the head by Texas cop in criminal chase gone horribly wrong
(Screenshot via ABC 13)

A one-year-old child was struck by a bullet after getting caught on the crossfire of a police shooting in Houston, Texas, ABC 13 reports.

The child's mother was parked at a gas pump at a gas station when a suspect in a black Mercedes crashed into the station, exited the vehicle and jumped into her car. Police, who had been chasing the suspect for three miles and say the suspect had a gun, thought he was about to steal the woman's car.

Police say that when they told the suspect to drop the gun, he refused, prompting them to open fire. The suspect was hit, as well as the child who was in the back seat.

The child was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The mother was not injured.

"The most important thing right here, for our entire city, pray for this 1-year-old and that mother," HPD Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner said. "Can you imagine? She's pumping gas, probably coming from work or whatever, and has to go through this. And now she's in the hospital and we're all praying for that baby."

It's not clear if the suspect ever pointed his weapon at officers. The officer who opened fire has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

Watch ABC 13's report on the story below: