DC cop reveals the FOP cop union has refused to stand up for them in wake of Jan. 6 attacks
DC Metro Police Officer Michael Fanone (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Jake Tapper asked after the Congressional hearings Tuesday where the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) was. At no point has the FOP stepped up to a microphone or appeared on television to back the blue members in Washington who faced large attacks on Jan. 6.

As Officer Michael Fanone told Don Lemon, the FOP didn't even reach out to him after the attack, despite his appearances on CNN. Fanone said that he was the one who had to reach out to the FOP about the incident. A whopping 140 members of the Capitol Police and D.C. Metro Police were injured that day and some are still out on medical leave. Others will never be able to work in their jobs again.

"I finally picked up the phone and called the president of the national FOP, Patrick Yoes and, and described to him the displeasure I felt that there was no outreach being done not only to myself but to other officers," said Fanone. "And I asked him to do a few things to make up for that lack of support, and he was unwilling to do any of them. I asked him to publicly denounce the 21 house Republicans that voted against the gold medal bill."

Democrats had a bill that would given the highest congressional honor to the officers who risked their lives that day. The FOP refused to speak out in support of that or against the Republicans who opposed it.

Fanone also asked the FOP to denounce the lawmakers who have lied about Jan. 6 or characterized it as a "love fest" or "tourist visit." Patrick Yoes refused to do that too.

"I also asked him, which to be honest with you I thought would be a no-brainer -- I asked him to denounce Congressman Paul Gosar's characterization of the United States Capitol Police officer who was involved in the shooting death of Ashley Babbitt," said Fanone. "The Department of Justice had conducted and concluded their investigation into the shooting and deemed that that officer was justified. I found it interesting that, you know, while the Fraternal Order of Police regularly releases statements protecting and defending officers who have been involved in 'line of duty shootings,' that there was no statement denouncing an elected representative who described this officer as an 'executioner laying in wait'. To me that was insane."

Fanone also said that he wanted the FOP to denounce any active duty or retired law enforcement who participated in the attack on the Capitol. The FOP refused to do that too.

"I could not get a commitment from Patrick Yoes to do any of those things," he said. "What he offered me, several hundred days after the insurrection, was access to the Fraternal Order of Police's wellness program. I told him that if I had waited six months to get help for the psychological trauma that I experienced that day, I'd be dead."

Patrick Yoes traveled to campaign rallies with Donald Trump during the 2020 election, saying that Trump "never turned your back on us." But according to Fanone, Yoes is now doing that to his own members. Yose did send out a statement asking then-President Trump to ask his supporters to "stand down."

See the video below:

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