Mentally ill QAnon follower arrested for threatening to kill FBI director and congressman: court documents
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A Michigan man has been arrested after threatening to murder FBI director Christopher Wray and California Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA). According to MSNBC, the man was mentally ill, but was motivated by QAnon conspiracy theories.

Reporting the breaking news, Chris Jansing cited new court documents as the source of the information.

"The suspect also posted conspiracy theories, including that a child sex ring was located inside the U.S. Capitol," she explained.

Jansing said that it comes on the heels of an election official in Arizona who was forced to go into hiding because of the death threats he was getting. She noted that it appears any an all political officials are now a target.

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Former FBI counterintelligence official Frank Figliuzzi then chimed in to discuss whether there was anything law enforcement officers could have done to disarm the suspect before he became a threat.

"What are we doing about people who shouldn't have guns who are still in possession of those guns with mental health and other law enforcement concerns?" he asked. "So, yes, good news. This person is in custody. They used social media to threaten literally on the FBI's Facebook page to kill the director of the FBI, and then left voice mail messages at the congressman's office, again, a direct threat of violence and death, in custody. But there are larger issues here, mental health."

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Michigan man arrested after threats