Pope will be 'happy' to greet Biden after years of 'strained' relationship with Trump: CNN reporter

CNN's Brian Todd on Tuesday offered a preview of President Joe Biden's impending meeting with Pope Francis, which he said would provide a contrast to past meetings the pope had with former President Donald Trump.

While talking about Biden's upcoming trip overseas, Todd said that the president and the pope have "a strong personal connection" that is "based on respect, faith, and dealing with loss."

Todd also explained that Biden, who is the first Catholic American president since John Kennedy, also shares views with Pope Francis on issues ranging from poverty to climate change.

Additionally, he said Biden met with the pope in 2015 shortly after he lost his son, Beau Biden.

Finally, Todd said to expect a contrast in how the pope dealt with Biden compared to how he dealt with his predecessor.

"Analysts say there is another reason Pope Francis will be happy to greet the president on Friday and that's because the president is not Donald Trump," he said. "Trump and Pope Francis had a strained relationship after Francis criticized Trump's plan to build a wall at the border saying, 'It's not Christian to build barriers.' Trump, of course, fired back calling Francis's comments 'disgraceful.'"

Watch the video below.

Pope expected to give Biden warm reception after years of 'strange' relationship with Trump www.youtube.com