Watergate's John Dean speculates there might already be a grand jury for Trump's Jan. 6 team
Nixon White House counsel John Dean. Image via screengrab.

Sunday evening, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein told CNN's Jim Acosta that the number one responsibility should be the House Select Committee for Jan. 6 and said that their work must be done quickly.

When Richard Nixon's White House Counsel, John Dean, spoke to Acosta, however, he concluded that the committee should be looking at the individuals involved, because there was clearly a criminal liability for those people.

"I think they should be looking at the criminal liability of these people. That will get their attention," Dean explained. "That's what happened at Watergate. There were two tracks. There was a criminal investigation along with a congressional investigation. Jim, there may well be a criminal investigation going on right now. We just don't know."

Dean's comment that Americans don't know is because grand jury investigations are secret. For example, when Steve Bannon was indicted for criminal contempt on Friday, it was only then revealed the Justice Department had impaneled the grand jury. So, it's entirely possible that there is a grand jury that American's aren't aware of.

"And I say that because of the exchange back in October, Oct. 18th, between Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Attorney General Merrick Garland where Whitehouse pressed him as to whether there was going to be more than just the trespassers who would be investigated and charged," Dean continued. "To paraphrase what Garland said, he said, yes, there's no restriction on this, and we may be using techniques that are way beyond your knowledge as a former U.S. attorney. So, that was pretty clear that they're looking at this, and there is a grand jury somewhere, and federal grand juries have a long life. They go 18 to 36 months so we're talking Jan. 6th. We're well within the life of a grand jury."

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