Arizona cops blow $130K in marijuana money on muscle cars — to 'reduce impaired driving': report
Prescott Valley Police Department on Facebook.

The Prescott Valley Police Department used $130,000 in government funds meant to "reduce impaired driving" to purchase two new 2021 Dodge Challenger R/Ts.

The department generated outrage when it posted a photo of the muscle cars to Facebook, the Phoenix New Times reports.

""Money not well spent" and "Our hard-earned tax dollars are now buying police officers hot rods to cruise around in" were among the comments left.

"Tracy Gordon, a spokesperson for the Prescott Valley Police Department, acknowledged to Phoenix New Times that there is 'a lot of emotion on that Facebook post.' Asked specific questions about the rationale behind the purchase of the vehicles, Gordon said she would get answers from the department's 'traffic sergeant.' But as of the publication of this story, Gordon has not responded to follow-ups or provided those answers," the weekly reported.

The money came from the successful passage of Proposition 207, which legalized recreational marijuana. The initiative shifted $10 million to the governor's office to "reduce impaired driving."