BUSTED: These 25 corporations celebrating Pride Month have given millions to anti-gay politicians
LGBT pride flags (Shutterstock)

On Monday, writing for his blog Popular.Info, Judd Legum highlighted 25 corporations that have "pridewashed" their social media and public relations in rainbow flags — but have donated $10 million to anti-gay politicians in the last two years.

"A Popular Information investigation found that 25 major corporations have spent more than $10 million since 2019 supporting members of Congress with a zero rating on the latest Congressional scorecard produced by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the most prominent LGBTQ rights organization in the United States," wrote Legum. "These same corporations have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to state legislators who have sponsored anti-trans legislation this year."

"Despite their extensive support for politicians undermining LGBTQ rights, all these corporations boast a 100% rating on the HRC's 2020 Corporate Equality Index," noted Legum. "Along with workplace policies, the Corporate Equality Index purports to measure corporations' 'public commitment to the LGBTQ community.' But HRC's methodology excludes political donations, enabling corporations to craft a pro-LGBTQ image while bankrolling politicians that are undermining LGBTQ rights."

Among the corporations highlighted in the report are CVS Health, who bankrolled the politicians who sponsored legislation in Texas banning gender-affirming medical care for children; AT&T and Comcast, who supported anti-trans legislation sponsors in Florida and Texas; and Walmart, who has backed 121 politicians with a zero rating from HRC. Also on the list are UnitedHealth, Cigna, Anthem, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, Deloitte, Home Depot, UPS, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Verizon, Google, Facebook, Amazon, General Motors, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens, and McKesson.

Many of these corporations, however, publicly express their commitment to pride with statements like this:

Only a handful of these companies responded when asked for comment. Google, for instance, said, "We have long contributed to candidates from across the political spectrum who work on technology policy, but we have always been very clear that such a contribution doesn't mean that Google agrees with that candidate on every issue. In fact, we may disagree strongly on some issues."

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