Pro-Trump pastor mercilessly mocked after video reveals his unhinged rant attacking 'baby-killing socialist' Biden

With President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration less than a week away, many far-right conspiracy theorists continue to make the thoroughly debunked claim that the election was stolen from President Donald Trump — including evangelical pastor Robert Henderson. This week, Henderson angrily claimed that Biden couldn't have won the 2020 election legitimately because God wouldn't have allowed it to happen.

During an unhinged rant, Henderson told his followers, "You're going to tell me that a man that has been the best friend that Christianity and the kingdom of God has had is going to be removed by God and replaced by a baby-killing socialist? You're going to tell me that God's going to do that because President Trump didn't humble himself, when all he's done had been attacked, had been attacked, had been attacked?... Oh, really, what do you say when he says that Jesus Christ is the most famous person on the Earth?"

Henderson's rant is being mocked unmercifully on Twitter. Here are some of the responses: