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Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative commentator Tammy Bruce struggled to justify her anti-choice beliefs and attacks on protesters.

Speaking to the Fox network on Sunday, Bruce first claimed that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was trying to scare people just as she (Bruce) did as a pro-choice activist in the 80s. According to Bruce, women's health was scary back then because abortion was illegal and there was no birth control.

"Well, you know, those were comments I was making in the 80s, when my activism began 35 years ago," said Bruce. "Things have changed, thank you very much. But, they're desperate for the misery and the victimhood that existed when, in fact, these kinds of things were unclear. When there was no birth control — when abortion was illegal. But this is the kind of thing that manipulates people emotionally. So, shame on her."

Hormonal birth control has been available since 1953, though a previous version was used for a time in 1951. Women didn't have safe access to abortion prior to 1973.

Ironically, Bruce talks about emotional manipulation when the right uses posters with bloody fetuses they say have been terminated. They lie about when a fetus actually has a heartbeat, and most recently, they have tried to downplay the additional laws Republicans are seeking to pass in states banning access to women's health.

Louisiana, for example, passed a bill out of committee that would make termination illegal at all stages of development, including embryos, which would make IVF illegal as well as IUDs. It would not only become illegal, but it would also be considered a homicide, and they would put women in prison.

Bradley Pierce, an attorney of the Foundation to Abolish Abortion, explained to local Fox9, "The pro-life movement has said a fetus is a person from the moment of conception. This acts on that belief to protect people before they’re born with the same laws that protect them after they’re born."

IVF is a procedure for couples that have a hard time giving birth. It takes eggs from one donor and sperm from the other and fertilizes the egg in the lab. Some of those are discarded if previous embryos work.

An Arizona Republican running against Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), Blake Masters, said that ending Roe isn't enough. He also wants to see the courts eliminate contraception entirely, the Arizona Mirror reported Friday.

Bruce went on to say that those standing outside the Supreme Court and elsewhere protesting, "those aren't protesters, those are bullies and thugs. I love protests. I'm a community organizer," the radio host continued. "What's going on with a group like what we're seeing outside the churches and the homes of the justices, is like Antifa."

The video beside her, while she was talking, showed peaceful people standing around holding signs. Other footage showed people walking calmly with signs.

The peaceful protests have been a stark contrast to the violent attacks on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

See Bruce in the video below:

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