BUSTED: Prosecutors reveal Kansas Proud Boy bragged he 'started a revolution' in phone call after storming Capitol

On Friday, The Kansas City Star reported that federal prosecutors have revealed the phone transcripts of Billy Chrestman, an Olathe, Kansas Proud Boy who helped storm the Capitol, in which he is completely unrepentant and brags about his crimes.

"Chrestman has been incarcerated since federal agents arrested him in February," reported Judy Thomas. "Last month, he asked the court to reconsider its decision to detain him pending trial. In a motion filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Chrestman's attorney argued that the Army veteran posed no safety risk and that prosecutors had no proof that he was part of any organized effort to breach the Capitol.'

Prosecutors, however, showed quite a different reality in his phone call transcript, which Chrestman himself recorded later in the day.

"I boxed a cop," said Chrestman in one call. "I got part of his f------ body armor, cause I thought he was attacking one of our boys, turns out it wasn't one of our boys...anyways, the cop was being kind of a dick...It was insane and you know what happened today? We stormed the Capitol Building and we took it over...We made f------ the House leave. Like, they couldn't finish their vote."

He added, "And the first fence that was up there — bunch of people were standing against it, yelling at the cops, the cops started getting nervous and then — so I kicked the fence, I said, 'We wanna talk to the f------ House right now!' And all these people started yelling and I kicked the f------ fence again ... I f------ started it. Yeah, I started a revolution. Because once everybody heard about this, and then we cleared out the House, they evacuated the House and everything, to stop those votes."

Chrestman's attorneys have also argued he needs to be released so his disability payments would continue, and that former President Donald Trump is the real perpetrator of the Capitol riot.