Proud Boys leader charged after video shows him punching Black woman in the face after calling her the N-word
Andrew Walls, a leader of the Akron-Canton chapter of the Proud Boys in Ohio (Screen Capture)

A leader of the far-right group Proud Boys was charged with assault on Sunday after he was caught on video shouting racial slurs at a Black woman and then punching her in the face, HuffPost reports.

Andrew Walls, 26, was reportedly drunk outside of an Ohio bar and was seen scuffling with other patrons while spewing racial slurs. At one point, his victim, 23-year-old Cameron Morgan, passed by with a friend when she heard Walls and others around him screaming “Fucking n*****s.”

“We were like ... ‘You can’t say that. That’s not OK,’” she told her dad, local teacher and former sportswriter David Lee Morgan Jr., who recorded the conversation and provided a transcript to HuffPost.

In the video, Walls points his finger at Morgan, calls her the N-word and then says, “B****, shut your mouth,” and punches her directly in the face. According to Morgan's father, Walls also dragged her into the street by her hair.

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As the video circulated online, it was discovered that Walls is the vice president of the Akron-Canton chapter of the Proud Boys.

Walls was charged with possessing a firearm while intoxicated and assault. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Morgan's injuries may lead to his assault charge being upgraded to a felony, the Akron Beacon Journal reports. He could also be charged with ethnic intimidation charge.

Watch video of the assault below:

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