Proud Boys' de-facto leader during Capitol riot says he is struggling 'to make ends meet' after arrest
Proud Boy Ethan Nordean

A prominent member of the far-right Proud Boys group who's been charged for his participation storming of the U.S. Capitol is trying to raise funds online because he's having a "very difficult time making ends meet" while under house arrest, Newsweek reports.

The FBI says that Ethan Nordean, also known as Rufio Panman, became the de-facto leader of the far-right group as members stormed the Capitol on January 6 after the group's chairman Enrique Tarrio was arrested two days prior and subsequently barred from Washington, D.C.

Nordean is accused of leading a mob of about 100 Proud Boys members and supporters through the streets of D.C., along with fellow leading member Joe Biggs, before attacking the Capitol.

The donation page set up by Nordean is on the Our Freedom Funding website, and he describes himself as an "American patriot" who has been a "huge proponent of freedom."

"We pray that the truth comes out of the innocence of this man so he may be free again to start working and providing for his family," the description reads.

"He has been completely slandered and deplatformed, constantly getting fired or his websites taken down. Now he is under house arrest and has had a very difficult time making ends meet."

The page has raised more than $4,500 since it was set up on March 29.

Nordean was released from custody on March 3 to await his trial after a judge determined that he does not pose a danger to the community.