Selfie during insurrection leads to arrest of Trump supporter — who has a Proud Boys tattoo
Twitter @OchsForHawaii.

Authorities continued to make arrests on Friday of the insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol, after initially allowing the Trump supporters to leave the scene of their crimes.

"Federal authorities have arrested Proud Boy Hawaii founder and alt-right media personality Nick Ochs in connection with the deadly pro-Trump rampage through the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday," The Daily Beast reported Friday. "In an indictment unsealed in D.C. District Court, Ochs—who promotes his extremist opinions online as part of the 'Murder the Media' podcasting and Youtube crew—is charged with trespassing into a restricted building."

According to the FBI, Ochs has "Proud Boy" tattooed on his right arm.

"Multiple photos of Ochs partaking in the mayhem appeared online and in the press during and after the attack on the Capitol—including a selfie Ochs shared on his Twitter account smoking a cigarette in the building," The Beast reported. "The affidavit by a Federal Bureau of Investigations agent relies entirely on his own social media and an interview he did with CNN after the break-in, as well as his past public statements."