Proud Boys leader and former FBI informant now calls the FBI the 'enemy of the people'
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Proud Boys leader and recently revealed former FBI informant, Enrique Tarrio, suggested that the FBI orchestrated the murder of Malcom X and called the agency the "enemy of the people" in a post to the social media platform Parler, Newsweek reports.

Tarrio was reacting to reports of a deathbed confession from a former NYPD officer who claimed the FBI and police conspired to assassinate the civil rights icon on February 21, 1965.

"How long have we been lied to? How about MLK [Martin Luther King]? Did the FBI kill him too?" Tarrio wrote. "Remember Waco? Are your eyes opened yet?"

"I'll be put in chains for this...but... The FBI is and has always been the enemy of the people," he added.

"This is another reminder that your FBI is a legalized gang of mafia style enforcers for the U.S. Government crime syndicate. We know you see this FBI," Tarrio continued.

Late last month, Reuters reported that Tarrio was an informant for both the FBI and local law enforcement. He reportedly repeatedly worked undercover after he was arrested in 2012 and helped authorities prosecute "more than a dozen people" in cases that involved drugs, gambling and human smuggling.