Activist says she was chased by Proud Boys at an anti-vaccine protest

An activist revealed on Twitter that she was chased by a group of Proud Boys this weekend during an anti-vaccine protest.

Alissa Azar, who is known for capturing videos and photos of militia groups on the ground in the Pacific Northwest, said that she was in Olympia, Washington, when she heard one of the Proud Boys shout, "There's Alissa!" and came after her.

A video posted by one of the attackers doesn't show the event, but the audio can be heard where one of the men shouts "Yo, Alissa!" and the moment when Azar screams, then shouts, "get off of me." She tweeted that they pulled her hair, shoved her to the ground, and then bear-maced her. Luckily others came to her aid and pulled her into a bar to help.

Fox News reported that some videos showed Proud Boys member Tusitala "Tiny" Toese being shot in the foot that happened as the right-wing protesters clashed with Antifa. Fox said that they hadn't confirmed the victim was "Tiny," however.

"Tiny got shot in the leg," someone can be heard shouting at one point.

There were unconfirmed reports that he shot himself accidentally.

"Toese was formerly known to be a top lieutenant of Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, but that group has been less active as Gibson faces a potential felony riot conviction," explained KOIN News.

You can see that video below: