White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki exposed Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday for not knowing that Covid-19 was the number one cause of death for police officers in 2020.

At a White House press briefing, Doocy suggested that law enforcement and members of the military were quitting en masse due to Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

"Where are tons of police and military walking off the job?" Psaki pushed back.

But Doocy could not back up his assertions.

"The L.A. County Sheriff says that 5-10% of their workforce could walk off the job," he explained. "I mean, is there any concern about that?"

Then Doocy interrupted as Psaki tried to answer.

"There are other problems in the world besides Covid-19!" he argued. "International terror, gang violence, murder, arson, drug dealing."

"What was the number one cause of death among police officers last year?" Psaki asked. "Do you know?"

The press secretary's question was met with silence from Doocy.

"Covid-19," Psaki said, answering her own question. "So that's something that we're working to address and police departments are working to address. If you look at Seattle as an example, which I know has been in some of the reporting, 92% of the police force is vaccinated, as are 93% of firefighters."

"My question is about safety though," Doocy pressed. "All of these other problems: terror, murder, robberies, kidnappings. Is there any concern that if police forces shrink or if the size of the ready military force shrinks that the United States or localities may not be equipped properly?"

"700,000 people have died of Covid," Psaki noted. "Again, it was the number one cause of death among police departments and police officers. It's something that we should take seriously. Departments are trying to save people in their departments, people who work for them. And we support that effort." WATCH:

Jen Psaki exposes Peter Doocy's fake outrage over police vaccinations by asking him one question youtu.be