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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has for years warned of the dangers posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Monday that she was gravely concerned about his erratic behavior in recent weeks.

Among the things Clinton said was in response to reports that Putin could be having health issues or that his behavior has become unusual.

"It’s a difficult question to answer from afar, obviously," Clinton said about Putin's health. "I think the reports coming out suggest both his temperament, his paranoia seems to have increased dramatically. His vindictiveness, his dictatorial approach to people around him including his own military leadership seems to have gone further and deeper than anybody has ever seen before. People have also suggested they might he might have physically faced health challenges. I think it’s important for leaders, intelligence agencies, to get the best information they can."

Clinton went on to say that it's those in the inner circle with the Russian leader who should do something if they believe he's gone off the rails.

"Ultimately, the people closest to Putin, those who have to deal with him, those who he is keeping at the end of 40-foot tables while he issues bizarre orders, they are the ones who need to act," she asked of the Russian advisers. "They need to act for the good of Russia. They need to stop him! Whether or not this has turned into some kind of physical, or mental problems that he either had or has in some way come down with, we don’t know. But his behavior is dangerous, and it’s dangerous for the future of Russia. So, my hope is that for the people who are watching him, those to get close enough to see in person his behavior, which is so erratic, that they can try to prevent him from doing things that will not only be tragic for Ukraine but tragic for Russia, too. This should be stopped for Russia's sake."

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