QAnon believer who tried to murder his pregnant partner thought China wanted to kidnap him and only Trump could save him

A British man who was a die-hard believer in QAnon conspiracy theories was sentenced to 10 years in prison for trying to murder his pregnant partner with a hammer, VICE News reports.

Anthony Beckett believed there was a Chinese plot to kidnap him and family and the only person who could save him was Donald Trump. He also believed conspiracy theories about the "great reset" that was supposed to take place on Joe Biden's day of inauguration. But two days before Biden's inauguration, Beckett took a hammer and hit his partner in the head four times before strangling her while repeating, "I need to do this, I need to do this."

"Beckett had a history of mental health problems, but he hadn't been prescribed medication for over a year and he'd been consuming up to two grams of cannabis a day, the court documents said, VICE New reports. "His paranoia ramped up significantly after he became obsessed with the U.S. election and the false QAnon claims about the results being fraudulent. Beckett also became obsessed with the QAnon conspiracy that a great revelation was about to take place, and even told his partner that if nothing happened on Jan. 20, he would get himself committed for psychiatric evaluation."

Despite losing consciousness at one point, his partner survived the attack and managed to escape, running naked into the street and calling for help.

When police arrived and arrested Beckett, he shouted, "The great reset is coming. They're coming for the kids."

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