QAnon-believer who killed his children says he was radicalized by British conspiracy theorist David Icke

A California man admitted to killing his two children because he thought they inherited serpent DNA from their mother says he was radicalized by infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke, VICE News reports.

Matthew Coleman, 40, who was the owner of a Christian surfing school in the city of Santa Barbara, told investigators in August that before the killings, he was having visions and seeing signs that revealed to him that his wife, Abby, “possessed serpent DNA” and was potentially a “shape-shifter" and had passed her "corrupted DNA" on to their children -- something that he had to stop from spreading.

Coleman drove his children to the Mexican resort town of Rosarito and killed the two children with a spear-fishing gun, dumping their bodies in the side of the road.

In his interviews with Coleman, FBI Agent Joseph Hamer determined that the "British guy with white hair" that Coleman said he first learned of “lizard people” from was David Icke, a former BBC News sports host.

"Icke’s core beliefs center on an interdimensional race of reptilian beings, called Archons or Anunnaki, who have invaded Earth and created a genetically modified human-Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians known variously as the Babylonian Brotherhood, Illuminati, or simply the 'elite,'" VICE News reports. "According to Icke, this group manipulates global events—including the climate crisis, wars, and the COVID-19 pandemic–keeping the human population living in fear so that the Archons can feed off the resulting 'negative energy.'"

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