Arrest warrant issued for QAnon promoter suspected in child kidnapping plot
QAnon supporters. (Shutterstock.)

Police in France have issued an arrest warrant for a far-right QAnon promoter who is allegedly at the center of a plot to kidnap an 8-year-old child.

The Guardian reports that police believe former politician Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann helped political ally and fellow conspiracy theorist Lola Montemaggi abduct Mia, her 8-year-old daughter, after courts took away custody of the child.

A review of Montemaggi's Facebook page shows that she promoted claims about "a Satanic pedophile elite at the top of the French state" in addition to "anti-vax and 5G conspiracy theories," the Guardian writes.

Prosecutors allege that Daillet-Wiedemann coordinated a plan with five members of France's survivalist militia movement to pose as child protection agents and then kidnap Montemaggi's child and then bring her to her mother in Switzerland.

"Laurent Nuñez, France's national anti-terrorism coordinator, said Mia's abduction appeared to have been inspired by QAnon, the unfounded US conspiracy theory that Satan-worshipping pedophile cannibals run a global child sex-trafficking ring," reports the Guardian.

Mia Montemaggi was found in Switzerland with her mother over the weekend and has since been taken safely into custody. Lola Montemaggi was promptly arrested and is currently awaiting extradition to France.