QAnon conspiracy theorists return to Dallas to wait for JFK Jr — and sing 'We are the World'
Via Sandy Huffaker/AFP

QAnon conspiracy theorists returned to Dallas, Texas on Monday evening, waiting for John F. Kennedy Jr. to miraculously appear. It's the second time that the son of the assassinated president has been expected to appear. As of 10:53 p.m. CDT he had not appeared in Dealey Plaza. On Nov. 23, it will be 58 years since the former president was shot and killed.

While waiting, the crowd sang a rendition of "We are the World" and recited the Lord's Prayer.

Photos appear to show some attendees wearing tinfoil hats.

A report from Vice cited the previous meeting in which the group's leader, Michael Brian Protzman, promising that JFK Jr. would appear any minute. They waited for 16 hours before they figured out that perhaps JFK Jr. would be a no-show.

Speaking about her experience with QAnon, Maureen McNamara told Vice that children and the elderly were forced to sleep on the ground in "a lot of pain" while they waited. McNamara did say that Protzman gave out free t-shirts. She noted that so many QAnon believers were complaining that they wasted money flying to Dallas for the experience that they're concerned they won't be able to afford Christmas presents. She confessed that she "ran out of money," spending thousands on plane tickets, hotels and other costs for her Dallas venture.

The conspiracy previously anticipated that JFK Jr. would come back on July 4, 2019, also to the Dallas plaza. They believe that the late president's son will reappear, announce his support for former President Donald Trump and join as Trump's 2020 running mate. He didn't manifest then either.

So, Nov. 15 would be the third time that he didn't appear.