Photos show QAnon believers gathering in Dallas -- where they believe JFK Jr. will reveal he's still alive
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

On Monday night, believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory congregated for a mass gathering at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

According to reporter Steven Monacelli, they are hoping for a speech by John F. Kennedy, Jr. — whom they believe is secretly still alive and working to help bring down the "Deep State."

Some of those gathered at the event were even wearing T-shirts suggesting that JFK Jr. will be former President Donald Trump's running mate when he runs again in 2024. QAnon social media analyst Dapper Gander even flagged email correspondences suggesting some followers believe JFK Sr. is also still alive and plans to "transfer power" to Trump.

The QAnon conspiracy theory, originating from anonymous user posts on right-wing message boards, posits that America is secretly being controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibal child traffickers, and that Trump has been working to expose and arrest the ringleaders.

The movement, which has spawned extensive merchandising, online shows, and even has been previously promoted by some members of Congress, borrows heavily from longtime anti-Semitic tropes, and has been identified as a source of domestic terror threats by the FBI.