QAnon fans mocked after JFK Jr does not rise from the dead to join Trump's 2024 ticket: 'The prophecy has now failed'
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

Neither John F. Kennedy, Jr. nor his father attended a Dallas rally held by QAnon supporters hoping the deceased Democrats would restore Donald Trump as president.

The younger Kennedy died in a plane crash over 22-years-ago. His father was assassinated almost 58-years-ago.

Independent journalist Steven Monacelli anxiously awaited the reveal.

But he ended up leaving over an hour later without seeing either Kennedy.

"I'm leaving now. Not sure why JFK Jr. or JFK Sr. didnt show up. Maybe they will at the Rolling Stones concert later tonight in Dallas," he joked.

Ben Collins, who reports on online extremism for NBC News, was surprised by the turnout at the rally.

"This 'JFK Jr. is coming back to be Vice President today at Dealey Plaza, because of the Julian calendar' thing was spawned of a handful of Q Telegram accounts with numbers in their names," he explained. "I can't believe how many people have showed up. Even most Q people think this is nuts."

JFK, Jr. apparently wasn't the only celebrity QAnon supporters hoped would return today.

"The QAnon people are walking up to random people they think are dead celebrities in Dallas today and introducing themselves. So far they have seen 'Robin Williams' and 'Dale Earnhardt.' They now think JFK Jr. will reveal himself at a Rolling Stones concert tonight," Collins reported.

"There's a sizable crowd of QAnon believers in Dallas's Dealey Plaza, where they're convinced JFK Jr. and plenty of other dead celebrities will return. Lots of talk online about Kobe Bryant and Robin Williams," reported Daily Beast correspondent Will Sommer. "JFK Jr. and the other dead celebrities failed to show in Dallas. But the QAnon crew has moved on, and now believes they'll make an appearance at the Dallas Rolling Stones concert tonight. 'Rolling Stones? Rolling away the stone!' says one."

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Here's some of what people were saying on Twitter: